Drink Shop Bergamo

After years of being a top quality supplier and also providing the most effective services for their customers, Volpi had also opened a drinking pub in June 2014. The pinnacle in their fantasy comes together since they started this small organization. It is a spot dedicated to celebrating their services and products through events and direct sales and also meeting their clients and distributing news of their quality solutions.

This pub is an area where Volpi renews their connection with clients. They have confidence in a human relationship as the key to successful business and also that the activity they take forward is for the men and women who recognize and believe in them. They owe it to the esteem and conventional values their company entitles. Volpi bar is in a way creating opportunities to meet clients and friends through winetasting and several different drinks that they sell and supply.

The shop provides over 2, 000 products which include wines, beers, beverage, spirits or carbonated drinks. The entire best product brands such as liqueurs, wines, beers, and cocktails are almost always accessible stock. From Ingrosso Bevande Bergamo, Wholesale perfumes and wines in Bergamo and its state are typical the best selling brands on the market. A vast assortment of draft and bottled products such as craft beers, wines and so are readily available. Everything people drink is potential at a wholesale price at their inventory or shop.

Honesty is your first and a very important factor that inspired the owners since the arrival of this firm. Every single day that they want to reestablish their faith with all of the clients as toddlers Mario did back in 1956. They focus in mutual esteem and believed in the human relationship and together they were able to overcome the crisis in the industry and embarrassing seconds. Their clients are restaurateurs, hoteliers, organizers of festivals and only families. To each of them, the suppliers give retail and wholesale services of roses, beverages, and spirits. They maintain a more friendly relationship and organize the events sporadically.

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