Services or features of vaults and Light My Safe gun safes

We create superior vault lighting and the greatest and gun light kit. Among the vault lighting kits is TAC-1575 vault. You can enjoy the superior gun safe directed lighting solution in America. Custom designed to fit all manufacturers with easy and simple do-it-yourself setup. The TAC-1575 Vault Lighting Kit includes 60-inches of Bright LED Light, your selection of a plug or battery power supply, an automated movement switch and clear male or female wire enlargement for a flexible installation. Besides, it has pre-cut velcro strips wrapped in 3m glue for natural rising. Modular Design can expand around 7 LED Light Bars.

We guarantee while choosing our products, you also can have an installed lighting system. No modification, no fussing in addition to no tools are essential. Take one month, and if you’re not happy and satisfied or having issues, we’ll fix it right or respectably refund your money. If you need help, we have devoted customer support professionals. They can assist you in finding the accurate lighting solution for you. All we want is the dimensions as width, height, and depth of the safe. To obtain added information on Gun Safe lighting kindly check out American Made Lighting. To claim under this Warranty, return the item that is faulty to Light My Safe for evidence with the original dated receipt and replace under this Warranty. Products will be fixed or exchange at the discretion of Light My Safe. The components repaired or restore will be considered part of the initial item and doesn’t extend the length of the Warranty. Removal, all shipping, and installation expenses are purchaser’s responsibility.

All”Fire and Theft” require a legal report from the investigating group or organization and also a $20 dealing out fee. The fee will be applied towards the assurance allowable and priority delivery expense. Upon claim endorsement, the new substitute light kit will be shipped to you, our valued client. In no event shall our American Light My Safe, LLC liability go past the original cost of the merchandise. Limit one item claim for every customer.

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